New website is now available

5 June 2018 12:00

Our new website has been completly rebuilded and released after 3 months of our work. Now you can see how many things have changed!

Not only website has been changed

Our website has been remake from the ground up. The portal will function a lot faster and in addition we don’t require any registration like others. Also we have added section with news, where you can read about our organisation, upcoming tournaments and introduce with articles. Another feature is support center – in one place are published everything what is need to take a part in our tourneys – statutes/frequently asked questions/guides. Besides, we have designed new logo and create new social media for english community. Many players asked us about newsletter which will inform about future events, so we have created it.

New games, new tournament formats

The rebuilding is connected with new tournament formats. Besides League of Legends, we will organise tournaments in Fortnite, Battlerite and more! In League of Legends we will change our rules, so competitions will be much faster (it is the end with 35 minutes lateness). We will also organise ARAM’s tournaments and free agents again will be able to take part in. We intend to come back with 1vs1 and great 5vs5 tournaments. Our tourneys keep be free and in addition to content in games in the prize pool will be also money!

Ok, but how I can help you?

Answer is simple – take a part in our tournaments. If there will be more players we will able to do more tournaments and provide better prizes. That’s why we¬†encourage you to invite your friends to take part in competition. Also you can follow us in our social medias like YouTube or Twitter. We hope that you will enjoy the changes, we are waiting for your opinion. See you in future tournaments!